FRC is a leader in the field of provides a high quality network cabling installation service specializing in Structured Cabling (UTP, Optical Fiber, Telephone cabling etc.), Server Rooms (Cabinets, Raised Flooring, etc.), UPS (APC, AROS), LevelOne ( Switch, Router,…), CISCO ( Switch , Router,…). Wireless LAN infrastructures within SOHO (Small Office Home Office), single building and campus environments, as well as non-network cabling solutions such as Wireless Hotspots for hotels, airports and cafe’s.

The FRC teams are trained to perform cable network installations in Jordan, on-site with minimal disruption to any existing cable network installation. All on-site connections to an existing network infrastructure are checked, tested and diagrammed, and the customer briefed on the critical aspects of the new network







V i s i o n
FRC aims to become the leading business solution provider of IT Services in the region.

M i s s i o n
FRC Network Solutions prides itself in an ability to cater tailored Services to the needs of each customer and assist them in meeting their business needs.











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